Volume Control Dampers

The Volume Control Dampers are specially developed for the air conditioning industry and are robust and rigid in construction to meet all critical site installations.


Standard GI Volume Control Dampers

Model no. GR14 / VCD - 1

Our GI volume control dampers are extremely popular in the industry and are built in 18G construction for rigidity. These are well known for their long life and trouble free operation for decades. Dampers are with parallel blades or opposed blades and have a quadrant assembly for indication the position of the damper. Lubrication free nylon bushes are used as standard. Sintered Bronze can also be provided on request.

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Aerofoil Blade Volume Control Dampers

Model no. GR14 / VCD – 2 …. (LL – Low leakage)

Our specially designed aerofoil dampers have a number of advantages over the conventional damper like higher blade strength, low static pressure loss, excellent sealing ability and minimal noise produced. The noise level difference between our aerofoil blade and the standard blade is almost 40 percent. A low leakage option is also available with stainless steel corner edge seal that further reduces the leakage across the damper.


Pneumatically Operated Volume Control Dampers

Model no. GR14 / VCD – 5

These dampers are supplied with Pneumatic Cylinders and Valve assembly. The dampers operate on input air pressure signal.

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Round Volume Control Dampers

Model no. GR14 / VCD – 3 …. (SF / MF – Single / Multi Flap)

These are specifically designed for use in round ducts or fan connections. The construction is robust. Presently available as a single flap version, the multi flap option is under development.


Motorised Volume Control Dampers

Model no. GR14 / VCD – 4 …. (TH – With thermostat)

The volume control dampers are also available with electrical actuators for automatic operation through a control signal. These can also be provided with a sensor cum controller (with / without display) for standard blades.