Air Tight Doors


The Air Tight Doors are developed after a lot of study for total prevention of air leakage through the doors. Areas like laboratories, clean room areas, atomic energy establishments, studios etc. are typical installations for these products. A unique gasketing arrangement all around the door ensures that the rubber gasket sits firmly on the angle iron frame. The doors are made up of 16G MS sheets sandwiching 50mm thick EPS, glass wool or PUF insulation. The angle frame provided with the door has arrangement for grouting or flush installation. The handles are made of brass and chromium plated to give an excellent appearance and are rust proof. The doors are also available in SS or Aluminium construction. The doors can be single or double shutter as per requirement. The double shutter doors also come with the option of a gearbox handle at the centre instead of the top and bottom ones. The gearbox handle has a round conical handle at the centre for ease of operation.

Model no. GR20 / ATD – 1


Access Window

Model no. GR20 / ATD – 2

This is a modification of the standard door with four handles and provides easy access within ducts, air washers etc.