Air Filters


Wire Mesh Filters

Model no. GR21 / AF – 1

These are five ply viscous metallic and are used as pre-filters at a number of places. These are reusable and can be cleaned by washing with any household detergent. The service life of the filters is approximately 12,000 working hours.


Baffle Type Grease Filters

Model no. GR21 / AF – 2

Baffle Type Grease Filters have been specially designed to extract grease from grease laden air particularly found in kitchen. The heavy-duty construction together with the unique design gives the filters highly effective flame arrestor capability by providing a barrier to prevent spreading of range top fires. The high efficiency of the filters protects the blower equipment, prolongs the motor life and reduces the cost of duct cleaning. The lightweight facilitates easy removal and cleaning in warm soapy water. The series of offset baffle plates are arranged in a casing of | 7/8” thick and are custom made as per the hood sizes. Material option available is in Aluminium or Stainless Steel.