Kitchen Hoods

‘George Rao Kitchen Hoods’ offers a perfect solution for the needs of commercial food service applications. These have been extensively used for the past two decades in a large number of luxury hotels and restaurants all over India. Specially mounted tube lights fitted with enclosure box (optional) are available. The hoods can be provided with compensating arrangement with neatly deigned supply air grille integrated into the hood. These are custom designed based on specific applications.


Wall type hoods

Model no. GR22 / KH – 1

These are specifically meant for wall applications or when the cooking range is supplemented by an enclosure on the backside. It comes with a single bank of filters.


Island type hoods

Model no. GR22 / KH – 2

These are used where the cooing range is in the middle of a room and cooking is carried out from both the sides. The double bank of filters ensures effective coverage of the entire area.

We also undertake total turnkey projects for designing and installing kitchen ventilation systems.