Adjustable Deflectors

Adjustable Deflectors are available in Aluminium, M.S., S.S. construction mainly used for sidewall applications. The individual are adjustable for any angle and are aerofoil in shape for lesser pressure drop. Colour to match the interiors / as per the architect’s requirements are available. Damper fitted directly on to the deflector is an optional item.


Single Deflection

Horizontal /Vertical deflectors are available.

Model no. AP02/AD - 1 ....(V - vertical or H - horizontal) 1


Double Deflection

Position of horizontal deflectors can be specified at the back or front.
Horizontal deflectors in front - HF
Horizontal deflectors at back - HB

Model no. AP02/AD - 2 ....(HF or HB)

Also separate frame is available for mounting on flange face so that no screws are visible from front side.


Removable Core

Available in both single or double delection option.

Model no. AP02/AD - 3