Control Panel for Fire Dampers


Airproducts Control Panel For Fire Dampers is specially designed for providing accurate information regarding the status of the damper and its operation capabilities. It’s features include an in-built transformer, interlock facility with building management system, position indicators for the actuator, local hooter and facility to test the damper. These panels can be interlocked with fire detection system for accepting the fire signal and in turn tripping the damper. The status of the damper can be also taken to the building management system.



Model no. GR17 / CP – 1

This panel is suitable for individual operation and comes mounted on the body on the damper itself. It is extremely compact in size and has a simple tamper proof and robust two-pin system for incoming supply.


Cordless Remote

Model no. GR17 / CP – 3

Another breakthrough innovation in which any cord is eliminated. The testing and resetting of the damper can be done through a hand held cordless remote unit.


Corded Remote

Model no. GR17 / CP – 2

An innovative design in which all the indications of the damper status, TEST / RESET facility are available on a display panel which can be mounted at a convenient location in the AHU room. A single cord runs from the panel mounted on the damper, up to the display unit. This eliminates all the trouble of reaching dampers located at awkward places and testing them, taking information or resetting the alarm.


Custom Made Panels

Model no. GR17 / CP – 4

We make control panels as per individual site requirements. A number of fire dampers can be combined into one single unit depending upon the availability of the control signal and supply. It enables all the data for several dampers in one particular area available at one single panel.